Accessing Raw Data

As studies in Ethica usually involve monitoring one or more data source such as motion sensors or GPS, each study generates large amounts of data for each participant. The size of the data makes data access and analysis challenging. There are two methods to access the raw data: one is by downloading a portion of the data as CSV through the Researcher Dashboard. The second approach is to access the database directly. Each of these methods are described here.

Downloading Data from Dashboard

You can use Ethica Data Export to download your study's data in CSV format. The fields included in each file depends on the type of data being exported, and they are all described here in detail.

To do so, navigate to Sensor Data -> Data Export page in your Researcher Dashboard. Here you can see the list of all data export requests you have made in the past, and download them. Initially the page is empty. Tap on the New button on the top right corner of the Data Export page. This will open the Export Data dialog where you can submit a request for a new data export:

Using Export Data Dialog to Create a New Data Export

In this page you can choose the type of data you want to export, the format of the data, one or more participants whom you want to export their data, and a date range. One exception here is that you cannot export survey responses from this page. To export survey responses, please navigate to Surveys -> Responses page instead. Also, if you choose to export raw motion sensor data (i.e. accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, gravity, linear acceleration, and orientation), you may choose only one month at a time. This restriction ensures the size of the output file will not grow exponentially large:

Using Export Data Dialog to Export Raw Motion Sensor Data

After specifying the type and time range of the data you want to export, pressing Export will queue your request for data export. It might take some time before the data export is completed. You can check the Data Export page for the status of your request:

Result of Exporting Raw Data

Direct Database Access

While downloading data as CSV through dashboard is easy and convenient for small amounts of data, it's not feasible for analyzing and querying all available data. In this case, you need to have direct access to the database.

While Ethica still does not automatically provide access to the database based on the study access permissions, you can contact Ethica Support to arrange your direct access to the raw data.

Handling of Timezones

Every piece of information stored in Ethica is time-stamped as appropriate. All time values are stored internally in UTC. This is an standard practice in software development which makes analysis of data, particularly across multiple time zones, consistent and straightforward, whether the data is used within Ethica or in other software packages.

So keep in mind that all data exported from your study will be in UTC, regardless of the participant's timezone.