Ethica allows screening potential participants in your study against a certain inclusion or exclusion criteria, and only allows those to join your study who meet this criteria. This can be achieved by creating an Eligibility Survey for your study, adding the necessary questions, and then defining a criteria based on these questions. In this section, we explain how this can be done in Ethica.

Eligibility Survey

You can screen your participants for eligibility by creating an Eligibility Survey. Such a survey is asked from prospective participants just before joining your study. Based on their responses, a given participant might be eligible to join or not.

To add an Eligibility Survey to your study, start by navigating to the Researcher Dashboard and click on Activities from the left-side menu. On the Activities page, click on the New button. This will create a new survey activity with the default settings. In the Content section of your new survey, add the questions you want to ask participants when they're trying to join your study.

After adding the questions, switch to the Triggering Logics and click on the Eligibility from the list of triggering logic types. Considering the questions you added, enter a valid Eligibility Criteria. This criteria determines under what conditions a participant is considered eligible and allowed to proceed and respond to the study, and which responses can mark the participant as ineligible.

Then move to the Preview and Publish tab. In there, click on the Publish tab from the left-side panel. Enter a Version Note as necessary, and then click on the Publish button to publish your survey.

After you publish your eligibility survey, any participant trying to register in your study first will be presented with this survey. If the participant cancels the survey, they are considered ineligible and are not allowed to proceed. If they complete the survey, upon completion Ethica evaluates his or her responses and depending on the result, either allows the participant to proceed with the registration, or informs them that they are ineligible.

Note that there is no limit on the number of times a prospective participant can respond to the eligibility survey. If they are marked as ineligible on their first try, they can try again and respond to the eligibility survey again.

Eligibility Responses

Ethica records all responses given to your eligibility survey. You can access these responses by going to the Survey Responses page. There, select the survey from the list of available surveys and check the All Participants option. Then click on the Display button. You'll see answers separated by participants and questions.