App Localization

The Ethica mobile app for Android and iOS is currently available in the following languages:

We are further working to provide the app in Spanish and Russian as well. If you are interested to help us translating Ethica into your local language, we would love to hear from you.

Ethica App in English Ethica App in French Ethica App in Dutch
Ethica in English Ethica in French Ethica in Dutch
Ethica App in German Ethica App in Italian Ethica App in Farsi
Ethica in German Ethica in Italian Ethica in Farsi

The Ethica app for Android and iOS sets the language of the user interface to be the same as the system language. Every time the user opens the Ethica app, the app will check the current system language, and sets the app language accordingly. If Ethica is not available in the system language, it switches to English by default.