Offline Support

The Ethica mobile app for Android and iOS provides full offline support as much as possible. Participants do require Internet access to download Ethica’s app from the store, to join a study, to receive the latest changes to their Study (if any), or to withdraw from any study. They also need Internet access to modify or delete their past survey responses.

Any other features described in this document can be accessed without Internet access. Despite the absence of internet access, participants can continue collecting and providing their sensor data from GPS or Bluetooth beacons, or from their wearables such as Google Fit and Fitbit. They can further receive survey prompts, whether time-triggered, proximity-triggered, or user-triggered, and they can respond to the surveys. They also can further view their past survey responses. While the participant is offline, any data collected by the Ethica app, whether survey responses or sensor data, will be encrypted and stored locally on their smartphone, until an Internet connection is available, at which point the encrypted data will be uploaded using HTTPS to the servers.