Sample Studies

To better demonstrate how Ethica can be used for conducting a research study, we have designed the following sample studies. If your account is a Researcher account, you will have access to these studies by default through your dashboard. These studies are primarily in the area of public health, as listed below:

Unlike studies created by you, these studies cannot be modified. You only can only review their design and access their data.

Note that these sample studies are designed to showcase Ethica's features, using real-world data. Accessing the data collected for these studies are not restricted by any legal agreement. Also their design and content should not be evaluated or referenced for their scientific aspects.

Hiding sample studies from dashboard

If you are already familiar with Ethica and don't want these sample studies to be shown in your dashboard, you can:

  1. From the dashboard open your Profile page.
Accessing user profile from the dashboard
  1. Uncheck Show sample studies in the dashboard

Show sample studies in the dashboard option

  1. Press Save and then refresh your page.