Additional Settings

Survey tab in the Survey Editor provides you with a set of additional configurations for each survey. Below we describe each of these configurations

Capture Location

This option instructs Ethica to capture participant's location while answering a given survey. When enabled, each response will be geo-tagged prior to the storage.

Note that this option is different than using Location data source in your study. When you add the Location data source to your study, the Ethica app will continuously capture participants' location, whether they are answering a survey or not. Such data is stored separately from the survey responses. While it is possible to join the data at a later stage to infer the participant's location at the time of answering a survey, this is not done automatically by Ethica.

On the other hand, Capture Location option makes sure all survey responses are geo-tagged, whether the Location data source is enabled or not, assuming the participant grants GPS permission to the Ethica app, and the GPS funcationality is available and enabled on their phone.

By default, this option is turned off.

Show Progress

This option instructs Ethica to show the participants how many survey pages are left to complete in the current survey session. The following picture shows the same survey, with and without Show Progress option enabled:

Ethica Survey with Progress Display Ethica Survey without Progress Display
With Display Progress Without Display Progress

Note that the progress shown here is the approximate progress, and does not present the exact number of pages left to complete. The total number of pages shown here is the total number of pages defined in the survey. Certain pages might not be presented due to the defined branching, skip patterns or randomized page selection. In this case, the participant will notice a jump in the progress.

By default, this option is turned on.

Display Responses

Ethica supports presenting past responses to the Participants. For each survey in a given Study, Researchers can choose whether Participants can view their past responses, and if so, whether they also can edit and delete them as well or not. When these options are enabled, Participants can:

  • See the list of the past surveys to which they have responded.
  • Click on each survey to view all the responses to that survey.
  • Modify their responses and save their modifications.
  • Delete their responses.

Note that Ethica does not support versioning for survey responses. If a Participant modifies their past responses and saves their modification, their past responses will be lost and replaced by the new modifications. Similarly, if they delete their responses, it will not be possible to recover the deleted responses.

The following image shows all available options:

Enabling Display, Edit, and Delete Responses for a given Ethica Survey

When this option is enabled, participants will have an extra button on their Ethica app called History, as shown in the following image:

History Button in the Ethica App

When selected, they will see a list of all previous responses they have submitted. Depending on your settings, they may see a Delete and/or an Edit button here as well. Also, note that the title specified above is used as the header to group the responses:

History Page in the Ethica App

Selecting View allows participants to view their previous responses. Similarly, selecting Delete or Edit option deletes the response completely (irreversible) or it allows the participant to modify their previous responses:

Participants can View Past Responses via the Ethica App

By default, this option is turned off.