Create a Researcher Account

The goal of Ethica is to help you integrate smartphones, the web, sensors, and big data into your health research. In what follows, we will demonstrate how individuals can create a researcher account in Ethica. Moreover, we will familiarize you with the features offered in the researcher dashboard.

How to Create a Researcher Account

In order to create a researcher account, you need to navigate to the Ethica’s Welcome page and click on Sign Up.
Ethica's Welcome Page
In the next window, select You are a Researcher button that leads to a page in which you can enter some basic information including your name, organization, your email address, and password.
Select You are a Researcher
Enter Your Basic Information
After entering the required information and pressing Sign Up, you will be taken to the Researcher Dashboard. At this stage, given that your email address is not verified yet, you are not allowed to create a study or modify the features of the dashboard. This is also indicated at the bottom of the page via an alert. To verify your email address, tap on Open Setting at the bottom-right corner of the page.
Verify Your Email Address
Following this, Ethica will email you a verification code which you need to enter in the provided space.
Enter the Verification Code
As soon as you enter the correct code, you will receive a message at the bottom of the page, reading that the email address has been verified.
Your Email Address has been Verified

Features in the Researcher Dashboard

The researcher dashboard provides you with a number of features that are displayed in the left-side panel. These settings include:
  • Overview page which lists all of your studies.
  • Basics page which presents general information and settings of the currently selected study.
  • Activities page that allows you to add, remove, or configure your research activities.
  • Data Sources page which allows you to add, remove, or modify your data sources.
  • Notifications page where you can create and assign notification templates to automatically inform your participants as well as researchers of the research activities.
  • Participation page in which you will have access to the list of all the participants and all the functionalities related to that including invitations.
  • Sessions page that provides you with information regarding your past, ongoing, and upcoming activity sessions.
  • Participant Audit Logs page where you can see and filter the history of all the activities related to your research participants.
  • Chat which provides a means of communication between researchers and participants. Note that to use this feature, you should first contact Ethica's support team.
  • Survey Responses page in which you will be able to check the participants’ responses to all the research activities.
  • Data Export page which enables you to export the research data.
  • Kibana page in which you can visualize your data and generate reports.
  • Learn page which navigates you to our reference documentation page.
  • Profile page which allows you to change the settings of your researcher account.
Note that to access the above pages, you must first create a new study.