Welcome to Ethica

Welcome to Ethica. Ethica offers you a platform to use web, smartphone, and wearable technologies in your research studies, and collect and analyze data on human behavior, attitude, beliefs, and exposures. Whether you are a researcher in health sciences, psychology, economics, or other human-focused disciplines, you can use Ethica to define studies, enroll participants, collect data, and conduct analysis.

In the following sections, we will cover the basics of Ethica that you need to know in order to successfully use it in your research. Most of the topics covered here have lots of details which you can read about them in the Reference Documentation section. While you can postpone reading those details to a later time, we strongly suggest you read the following Getting Started sections before starting to use Ethica.

Note that this documentation site is written for researchers who intend to use Ethica in their studies. We do not have a documentation for study participants. Rather, we work hard to keep our software simple to use for them so they don't need any documentation.

We start by covering a few basics such as how you can sign up and access Ethica, what platforms you can use, and what features you should expect on each platform. We then explain how you can create a new study and choose data sources you intend to monitor. We also discuss how you can create surveys in Ethica and specify when they should be triggered. After that, we explain how you can test your study design before deploying it to the field. Finally, we will look into the data your study collects from each participant.

Researchers & Participants

Each user in Ethica is either a researcher or a participant. Researchers, or study administrators, can use Ethica to create studies, join the research team of other studies, enroll participants, monitor study progress, and any other activity related to study management. Participants, on the other hand, can join a study, progress through the study steps as defined by the researchers, and provide their data to the study, either automatically collected sensor data, or survey responses, or any other type of data.

As a researcher, you can access Ethica from your computer's web browser. Ethica app for Android or iOS does not allow you to login. That's because all the features offered via the app are targeted to the participants. When you login to the Ethica's website, you will be directed to the Ethica's Researcher Dashboard that offers all the features you need to manage your study.

Ethica Researcher Dashboard without any Study

Participants can use Ethica either from the Ethica mobile app, or from the Ethica website on their mobile phone, or from the Ethica website on their computer. Regardless of how they access their account, they will be using a similar interface:

Ethica Participant User Interface for Android Ethica Participant User Interface for iPhone Ethica Participant User Interface for Web
Ethica App for Android Ethica App for iPhone Ethica App for Web

Registering in Ethica

When registering in Ethica via the website, Ethica will ask whether you are a researcher or a participant. That's because whether you are a researcher or a participant, you can use Ethica website. In contrast, when registering in Ethica via the mobile app, Ethica keeps the interface simple and assumes you are a participant:

Registering in Ethica from the Mobile App Registering in Ethica from the Website
Signup via the App Signup via the Web