Notification Templates

In this section, we specifically discuss how to link a Notification Template to an Activity.
If you have already created some Notification Templates when you were setting up your study, you might also see them in the Notification Templates page of the Activity Editor, just like the picture below:
Unlinked notification templates in Activity Editor
You can create a new template by clicking on the Create Template button at the top right corner.
The process of Creating and Editing a Notification Template is quite the same as what we have on the Notification Templates section in the Study Setup but there are two differences:
  • You can only create or edit session-related templates.
  • Creating the template will link it to the current activity right away.

Linking/Unlinking Notification Templates

If you want to use a custom notification template for an activity you can either:
  • create one here and it will be linked instantly, or
  • use the Link button on each row of the second table.
The linked templates will appear under the top table. In that table, you will see a column called Actions, and each row has two buttons under that column. With the first button, you can edit the template but you have to be careful because editing a template that is already linked to other activities will affect those activities as well. The second button is the Unlink button. You can use it to unlink a template from the current activity. After unlinking the template, it will be removed from the top table and moved to the second one.

Notes on Events

Since responding to activities in our mobile apps can be done while offline and the responses can be synced with the server at a later time, Ethica cannot guarantee the exact time of the session expiration for activities beforehand. So, if you create a Session Expired notification template with Email or SMS medium, the recipient might get false positive/negative notifications.
For the same reason as above, Email and SMS notifications related to Session Completed and Session Canceled notification templates might be delayed for an undetermined amount of time.