Web Page activity allows you to display a HTML web page to the participants via the Ethica app. You can create the page via any tool you prefer, for example by using common weblog services, or by programming it and hosting it on your local server. The page can contain any information that you want to present to your participants via the app.
The only requirement is that the page must have a public URL (e.g. and be hosted on a secure website, i.e. the URL should start with https.
Similar to other activites such as survey, Web Page activity can also have triggering logics, though only User TLs are supported. You cannot add any triggering logic other than User TL to your Web Page activity. There is no Session defined for Web Page activites, and you cannot define any Notification Templates for them either. You can, however, set criteria on a Web Page activity or on its triggering logics.
To add a new Web Page activity to your study, go to the Researcher Dashboard, navigate to the Activities section, click on New Activity, and from the list choose Web Page. You will be then directed to the Web Page Activity Editor, as shown in the following image:
Web Page Activity Editor
There is only one option you can set for the Web Page activites, and that's the URL you want to display when the participant launches this activity. After setting the URL, add a User TL to your activity as well, and then set any criteria if necessary. Then you can publish your activity and try it out in the Ethica app.
In the Ethica app, participants will always have access to the button to launch this activity and view the specified web page. Similar to other activites, the icon and the caption of this activity is the same as what you have specified in the Web Page Activity Editor. Clicking on this button will show the web page directly in the Ethica app.
Homepage of the Ethica app with one web page activity
Ethica app shows the specified URL to the participant.
Ethica app homepage with Page activity.
Your web page will be shown to the participant as part of the Ethica app.
The Ethica app is designed to open this URL inside the app and does take the participant to an external browser. Furthermore, to ensure participant has a seamless experience, the components of the Page Activity viewer are kept to the minimum. So you can design your web page such that it appears to be an integral part of the main application. This allows you to extend the functionality of the app by adding dynamic content to it.