On the Enrollment page, we mentioned all enrollment types. When the enrollment type of your study is not set as Closed (i.e. it's either Public or Invitation-based) you could invite new participants to join your study. Here we're going to explain how invitations work in detail.

Invite Participants

First of all, you will need to have the email address of the individuals you want to invite to the study. Invited individuals do not have to have an account with Ethica at the time of the invitation, but they must create one using the same email address that you used in the invitation before they can join your study.
You can invite participants on the Participation page. Clicking on the Invite Participants button will open the Invitation List page:
Ethica study participant invitation dialog
Here you can enter the list of participants you want to invite. You can enter up to 100 names at once, each in a separate line. A given invitation must start with the email address of the invited participant. It can also include the first and last names of the individual, though it's not mandatory. The following lines each represent a valid invitation entry:
After you enter all the invitations, you can press Invite to create the invitations. Shortly after pressing Invite, Ethica will show another dialog with the result of the invitations:
Ethica study participant invitation result
As you can see in the image above, invitations are either created successfully or have failed due to one of the following reasons:
  • The individual you have invited is already registered with Ethica as a researcher. Ethica does not allow researchers to participate in a study (learn more why). If the email you have entered is for a researcher, you will receive an error here.
  • The individual you have invited already is part of this study. Therefore, you cannot invite them to join the study again.
If while creating the invitations, you chose to send an email to participants about their invitation, Ethica sends them an email with the URL to join the study. The content of the email will be the following:
Email Subject:
Study invitation: {{Your study name goes here}}
Email Body:
Hi {{Individual's first name, if available}},
{{Your name goes here}} from {{Your organization name goes here}} has
invited you to join "{{Your study name goes here}}" research study.
Please click on the link below to download the Ethica app and join
the study:
{{Study URL will be placed here}}
If you don't have the Ethica app installed, the above link will ask
you to download it first.
If you have any problem with the link, you can just directly download
the Ethica app from Google Play or App Store, and after you register,
join the study using registration code {{Your study registration code goes here}}.
Also, please make sure you use {{Participant's email address which is
invited to the study goes here}} as your email address while registering.
Thanks for helping advance the science,
The Ethica Data team

Pending Invitations

Any successful invitation will be added to the invitation list on the Pending Invitations tab:
Ethica Study List of Invited Participants
The invitation list includes the ID Ethica has assigned to each prospective participant (also referred to as the Participant ID), the time they were invited, and an option to delete and resend the invitation. Also, if showing personally identifiable information is enabled for your study, you would be able to see the email address, first and last names for each invitation.
To delete or resend invitations, click on the checkboxes beside participant IDs you want to take action on. The corresponding buttons would appear at the top of the list.
Study pending invitations page on Ethica
When the participant joins the study, their entry will be removed from the Invitation list, and you can find them in the Participation tab. You may have noticed that the Participation page now has two tabs; Participation and Pending Invitations. The second tab would be visible when there is at least one invitation pending.
Participation and Pending Invitations tabs on Ethica
Note: In any page of your researcher dashboard, and in any other part of the system, you will not see the email addresses or the names of the participants. Instead, you see their label, if you have assigned them one, or their Ethica ID otherwise. This helps to protect the participant's identity throughout the system.