How to Configure SMS Notifications for Activities

Ethica research tool provides three types of notifications to prompt participants when certain activities, such as surveys, are due: In-App Notification, SMS Notification, Email Notification.
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How to Create a One-Time Optional Survey

With a flexible research tool like Ethica, you have many ways of prompting surveys to participants. By employing User Triggering Logics and setting the right criteria, you can create a survey that is ...
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Edit Surveys During the Study

Ethica is a very flexible tool that supports changes in the study protocols and allows for minor corrections if needed. As part of this, it allows you to make changes to surveys that are already sent ...
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Prompt an Activity More Than Once a Day

For some studies, you might want to notify the participants to take a survey, or complete a cognitive task, more than once a day. In such cases, you should use multiple Time Triggering Logics (or Time...

Personalized Surveys in Ethica

Learn how to use Ethica and create personalized experience sampling studies.
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How to Create a Survey with 3 Prompts per Day

Scenario: Assume you want to add a survey to your study which is triggered 3 times per day, in the morning between 9 to 11, in the afternoon between 1pm to 3pm, and in the evening between 6pm to 8pm. ...
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Using Skip Patterns on a 2-Question Survey

In this example, we create a 2-question survey in Ethica, and apply skip patterns to it with multiple different approaches. We will program the survey both using the graphical Survey Editor, and raw J...