Scenario: Assume you want to add a survey to your study which is triggered 3 times per day, in the morning between 9 to 11, in the afternoon between 1pm to 3pm, and in the evening between 6pm to 8pm. You also want this pattern to continue for 2 weeks (14 days).


1. From the left-side panel, select your project. Then navigate to Design -> Surveys.

2. Click on Add New Survey to create your new survey.

3. Choose Generic from Survey Type. The generic surveys are explained here in more details.

4. From Triggering Logic, choose Scheduled Trigger. Scheduled triggers are described in more details here.

5. We want the survey to be triggered 3 times per day, so we need to add 3 schedules. Start adding the first one by pressing Add button below Scheduled Trigger section.

6. In Add New Triggering Schedule dialog, start by specifying when the survey should be triggered the first time. Here we want the survey to be presented between 9am to 11am of the first day. The image below shows how this can be set:


7. By default, Ethica will generate a time between 9am to 11am using a uniform distribution. Therefore there is equal probability for any time to be selected within this range. You can change this to use a normal distribution. This will generate times which are closer to the middle of the specified range.

Note that if you want the survey to be triggered at a certain time, rather than within a range, simply set the start and end of the range to the same value.

8. We want this trigger to be repeated once a day, for 14 days (2 weeks). So set the content of the Repetition section as follow:


9. This will specify that the first trigger (between 9am to 11am) should be repeated every day, for 14 times.

10. In the Summary section, you can see an example of how the survey will be triggered, assuming the participant joins on a given date. In the following image, you can see the triggering schedule assuming the participant joins on Jun. 28th.


11. Note that the first trigger is not going to be on 28th, but it will be on 29th. This is because Scheduled Trigger will count days starting from 0. This ensures regardless of the time a given participant joins the study, she will receive the survey per schedule. Otherwise, if we had chosen 0th day, participants who would join after 11am would miss the first trigger of this survey.

12. Press Confirm to create the new triggering schedule.

13. Repeat this process once again for 1pm to 3pm, and another time for 6pm to 8pm.

14. When finished, your Scheduled Trigger list will look like the following image: